Fantastic Stories and Where to Find them



My name is Quaynath Alam, its pronounced as Kainat. Before we get started, I should tell you that this, right now, is the lowest point of my life. I dont have enough money to buy a domain. Actually, I do but I need to make sure this works. Did you know it costs around two thousand? Shit! I can buy so many bottles of poison. Sorry, I’m not suicidal, dont worry.

All this, whatever I am typing is utter bullshit. And that is what I do. I write bullshit and you, read it. So I guess the jokes on you huh? I’m just kidding, I cant make jokes. Anyway, so why am I typing bullshit?

Once upon a time, earlier today, I was staring at my bookshelf, because who wants to help mom, right? I saw a number of books which I had bought, just sitting there like an old man. And i wondered,what a waste of money. The end.

So that’s it, why should i suffer alone? Hence, here I am typing and telling you that this is a book reviewing site, sort of. I might review films. I haven’t decided as yet. But primarily I am here to help you buy books and spend your money on books that will entertain you. Take it from someone who gets bored way too easily, there are a lot of books which you wouldn’t wanna keep aside. And you’ll find them here.

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